Your smile is your super power !!! If you or someone you know is losing hope , please send this to them. You may not know your purpose right now , but your life is beyond needed and priceless !!! Being kind to others is something so simple yet so meaningful and so powerful for this world. It is up to us to create a better world for now and our future. Please don’t give up! You are a huge reason why this world is beautiful! No matter what you come from you can change and you can do good! You do have a choice , own it! Live , do good, be free , we need you!!! You are loved πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’› Looking back I wish I posted this sooner , but I guess a part of me was unsure. I know now that not posting this is holding it back from people who may need it. If this has touched you or you may know others who need to hear this please share. I want you all to know you are not alone. My love and prayers are with you all. May God bless you on your journey!! You are capable , you are worthy, and no matter what darkness you face. You have a light inside of you that will never stop fighting. In a world of confusion, choose to be love. Choose to be kind. Share your smile! 😊